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Friday, April 25th, 2014

Click here for SOB Certificate

SOB Certificates

ZIM understands that issuance of SOB (shipped onboard ) certificate is the norm of the industry. Keeping this requirement in mind , we have introduced SOB certificate to be available online.

You can have SOB certificates for one container or multiple containers (not more than 10 at a time) separated by a comma Example: ZIMU12345567, ZCSU4567432 subject to the relevant containers being planned for loading on the same ship.

On pressing submit button , the SOB certificate will be displayed for the listed containers if they are loaded onboard. SOB certificates will be available in .PDF format and can be downloaded and printed at Customer’s office.

It will be our endeavor to ensure that the loading details are available within 24 working hours of the vessel sailing.

Kindly contact our local Customer Service Desk incase of any further assistance.

Click here for SOB Certificate
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